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Ellen Pratt

Ellen Sellers – Founder

Happy Hearts Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) corporation located and operating in the St. Louis and surrounding area. We rescue abandoned animals, homeless due to a deceased owner, shelter animals scheduled to be euthanized and surrendered pets from owners battling hard economic times.

Happy Hearts is a NO KILL shelter. The only time we consider euthanizing an animal is when there is no quality of life for the animal or there is an aggression issue that cannot be resolved through training.

Every dog and cat must be spayed/neutered, current on shots and micro chipped before adoption. We require a fenced yard for dogs, although we are flexible under some circumstances. We require a home visit for every dog adoption to ensure we are placing the dog in a safe environment and it is a good match to the new family. Home visits allow us to see the interaction between the potential new pet and existing pets, children in the home and other family members. Home visits reduce or eliminate the return rate. It’s not about just finding homes, it’s about giving an animal the best new start in life we can and giving the adopter a new family member who will bring them joy. We don’t require a home visit for cat adoptions, but our adoption agreement states all cats must be indoor cats only.

If we are lucky, adoption fees cover medical and supply costs. We also supply food to families struggling with hard economic times that face the possibility of giving up their family pet. We are not funded by large corporations or state funds. Our mission is supported solely through individuals with big hearts and a willingness to help us make a difference, because they see the difference we make.

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